Saturday, 1 April 2017

Getting to know you!

CC0 Flickr 

I remember watching this movie when I was much younger. I remember the frustration of the female character who had no power or influence over the King and I was certainly impressed with how she managed to break though and find a way to make him appreciate her way of seeing the world. Of course, when I think of the movie now I find it hard to get past the rather dubious assumption of English cultural hegemony but in those days such matters were just part of how we saw the world!

I have chosen this metaphor when I reflected on a recent piece of research I carried out for our #wihea #knowhow project. I interviewed a staff member in order to reflect upon the barriers we face in the successful implementation of this project. It was a very useful little piece of action research which served to underline that we have a major task ahead. It has helped to clarify where we must start and how we can be of help immediately to both students and staff at Warwick. In short we will start by offering resources to support the location and appropriate attribution of images. 

If you are as yet unaware of our project, here's a little video introduction which I hope you will find interesting. And if you, your department or your colleagues want to know more about #knowhow do get in touch!