Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sowing seeds for the future.

Photo: Proof of concept CC0 T.MacKinnon

After lots of discussion and metaphor exploration we have decided to set about a wild flower themed guerrilla activity across campus, sharing seeds and open practice with our community. This weekend I tried a little proof of concept activity and prepared a prototype to help us get going. Warwick volunteers are also sowing wildflower seeds on Saturday and we hope to support them. 

Our community here at Warwick is an amazingly fertile place for learning. Learning can happen in unexpected places though, not just in lecture theatres and organised classes. The open spaces between the formal spaces are just as likely to support the growth of minds and foster new and exciting collaborations. Even when the going is tough and the conditions may not seem to support life let alone growth. 
Wildflowers support a whole ecosystem which in turn supports human life. They have never been more important, just as open practice is vital to sustain teaching for the future.