Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Random acts of kindness

Today saw us visiting some of Warwick's many researchers and support staff to share the message of open educational practice.  We hope many of them will read this blog post and engage with the resources and the network we have created.

We have an open G+ community where you can find out about research in open education, connect with other open practitioners both at Warwick and beyond and engage others in raising your online presence to increase the impact of your work.

There are #knowhow web pages on the Learning and Development site here at Warwick pages to offer tips and tools for open practice online.

You can also connect with us on twitter by searching the #wihea #knowhow hashtags.
If you have wildflower seeds from our project (a native UK meadow mix which will entice bees and butterflies wherever you sow them) we'd love to see a picture of them when they bloom. Just share them openly online (twitter, instagram wherever you choose) using the tags so we can find them.

Have a great summer folks!